For 2023…there is a lot on the menu

Hap Wilson Remote sauna build

Remote sauna build

I built my first sustainable trail and a 50’ bridge when I was a park ranger in Temagami back in the late 1970’s. Egad, that seems like several lifetimes ago!

For 2023…there is a lot on the menu as far as trails, constructions, and consulting. Trail building takes up at least four months of my time each year, aside from helping Andrea run our lodge in Temagami. This year is no exception, with on-going maintenance and additions on completed trails to constructing two saunas, a large sleep cabin, decks, docks and boardwalks. On the consulting side of things, I’ll be working with Rosseau Lake College on their Outdoor Education Program, designing activities that improve students’ self-discipline, motivation and self-pride. It will connect them to outdoor activities that empower them and to assure that their voices are heard and deemed important, especially in a community sense.

There is a new private school happening just outside of Huntsville, Ontario with 200 acres to plan out specific trails and activities. Material prices are still stuck in the high range so we will be looking to source out lumber from sustainable forest operations, as well as re-purposing some of the materials we’ve stockpiled from salvage operations. I’ll put up some current pictures to show you what we do this season.